Friday, May 18, 2012

Colour schemes in the kitchen’s modern history -2000

The year 2000 brought a more subtle colour scheme with analogous harmonies and less tonal contrast. In the new millennium, the word for kitchen design and colour schemes was minimalist with subtle richness as oppose to colourful – in your face – bold look of the past. Customers were using their kitchens as a way to show social status but also to reinforce and relax. Painted and solid wood cabinets were now doubled with man-made stone and less natural ones, more steel, glass, and concrete in a variety of textures rather than colours. Behind an apparent simplicity of the surfaces, kitchens today are articulated structure, open and infinite composition, and combinations with a strong sculptural sign, which can be immediately perceived.  Fragment from the book: "Kitchen Designer-Your Dream Job" by Valentin Tinc
PRIMA LAB 2001 by Paolo Nava and Fabio Casiraghi for BINOVA is the result of in-depth study into the basic elements of modular kitchen systems. Each component competes to create a harmonious ensemble with an apparent simplicity yet articulated structure with a strong and rich symmetric layout. Photo courtesy: Paolo Nava Studio, Italy.

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