Monday, May 14, 2012

Colour schemes in the kitchen’s modern history -1970

Kitchens in the 1970s typically had an eat-at bar with decorative stools. When I meet clients with a kitchen built in 1970s, first thing they want to change is the raised breakfast bar. The walls were often painted or wallpapered in a bright sunshine yellow, and benchtops and tables were often covered in a coloured laminate such as burnt orange. This time period had kitchens filled with appliances and utensils in avocado green and brown and Formica tables with chrome legs and matching chairs. Many of these chairs are the delight of vintage hunters of today. Psychedelic-patterned wallpaper and colourful wall art rounded off the kitchen of the 1970s (Louise 2011). 
Fragment from the book: "Kitchen Designer-Your Dream Job" by Valentin Tinc

Although this kitchen is not filled with bright wallpapered in a sunshine yellow and burnt orange benchtops, it is typical for 1970 period. Note the combination laminate timber and no handle solution. Photo courtesy: Coordinated Kitchen and Bath, Vancouver.

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