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Kitchen Design Academy-News Gazette # 85

Kitchen Design Academy-News Gazette # 85


With $200/week pay as you go and 4 free bathroom design  modules ( valued at $800), this is the best offer so far. Limited time only! Ask now for an enrollment form!
Stefan G. Bucher from advice to designers:
“Almost any situation gets better when you ask yourself this: How can I be most useful right now? — Most useful to your employer, to your client, to the people you care for in your personal life, even to your future self. Asking ‘How can I be most useful right now?’ will get you past too little ambition, past too much ambition, past many interpersonal conflicts, boredom, frustration, and creative block. Sometimes the answer is ‘I can be most useful to everybody — including me — by leaving,’ but usually it’ll lead you to creating better work!”




K7 –  A designer kitchen with height-adjustable worktop.Worktop, table or bar – the k7 cooking island is everything: the worktop of the k7 cooking island can be infinitely adjusted in height from 74 to 114 cm at the push of a button. In thelowest position, withretracted fitting and covered sink, the k7 cooking island looks just like a sideboard. This makes the k7cooking island ideal for open living areas comprising the kitchen, dining and living room. Sit comfortably on bar stools or chairs:the worktop can protrude on the long or short sides. The k7cooking island is completely without handles. All drawers, doors and wall unit flaps in this designer kitchen open conveniently at the merest touch and close gently with cushioned self-closure.



Five decades in business: a milestone to be proud of. We were founded in the Sixties, full of passionate enthusiasm for our work. Our hometown, where we are still based, is Isola Dovarese, a village in the lower Po Valley near Cremona. The spark that kindled this adventure – and that shines on today – is a tradition of manual skill, craftsmanship, and love of simple rustic beauty which has been passed down from father to son, not just undimmed, but growing. Today, Giovanni Arcari manages a firm that allows all its customers to decorate their home in their own unique way and with the imprint of their own spirit and style, to be surrounded with clear hallmarks of their personality.


Arcari is specialized in building Provençal-style kitchens that feature a classic look, but also the highest standards of comfort and convenience. The varied nature of our collections and our flair for staying a step ahead of trends in fashion gives us peace of mind today, but above all, a confident, positive outlook on tomorrow; especially since we’ve chosen to expand our scope of activity to the entire home, with all its different spaces and decorative needs. The future is global. Here at Arcari we know that, and so we’re tackling its challenges with global tools.


When style and taste are taken to Their highest level, even a country-inspired look Becomes impressively majestic. There are lines and curves, decorations and silhouettes That appeal to people around the globe, just like certain places belong more to the world than the country That they’re in. The same goes for this collection, Which managed to bring out the true elegance of the most classic country homes.


The most classic of Arcari’s concepts, in cui style and elegance created settings of unique, timeless value. An ample variety of lines and shapes, striking decorative elements, compositions and answering to all tastes and practical needs make for a collection That evokes the essence of sunny Italy. Available in a range of finishes, Taormina gets added beauty from natural walnut, inlaid panels or will more modern steel inserts.


Perfection and sobriety, restraint and classic modernity. This collection shows the clear desire to offer a strikingly contemporary choice, looking to the “ideal city” par excellence as its primary inspiration. Everything here revolves around the power of clear-cut lines, the character of incisive decorations, and bold juxtapositions – like Those with natural walnut – that can accommodate even the most modern accessories and cutting-edge design objects.


There are cities in Italy That stand as pearls of unparalleled charm, evergreen meccas of style. Just as there are classic concepts That transcend time, That do not fear the whims of fashion, Whose magical appeal remains unfaded over the years. That’s what this collection is all about: giving way to the highest form of classicism, as an exercise in uncompromising style. Gentle styling and elegant details make this concept fit in with any setting, opening up possibilities for every kind of home.


Constrains like limited space and behavioral changes like cooking while entertaining have dictated the transition from monstrous-sized kitchens to neat compact kitchenettes and open modular concepts. Adopting these changes, Electrolux brings to us to two unique concepts. The Rendez-vous interactive table is a cook-top that allows you to do jiffy cooking and entertain at the same time. The Volare, akin to the Lounge Bar, is a wall mounted appliance that’s nothing short of an artistic kitchen! Check out the details after the jump.

You’re the sort who likes to interact with family and friends while cooking; then the Rendez-vous is just for you. It’s an intuitive table that features a unique energy shield that brings the appliances to life without having to plug them in. For instance, by simply placing the blender on the surface you can work it or charge it. Needless to say inductive and sensor technologies support the random cooking zones. Modular drawers that can hold stoves or refrigerator are accommodated beneath the table and can be tucked away, when you need to use the table for dining. A virtual chef that guides you through your cooking completes this futuristic package.
Like I said, this reminds me of the Lounge Bar, only this time it’s a complete kitchen on the wall! Ideal for space-crunch situations. Main highlights of this art piece are: modular system that allows customization; foldable induction stove; holds all modern appliances like an ice dispenser, tea/coffee unit and oven. The coolest thing about Volare is that its exteriors can come in many painted finishes; hence the accompanying spotlights can make the unit look like a piece of wall art when not being used as a kitchen.
Designer: Electrolux Global Design
Congratulations to Darren James, who won KBDI Australian Certified Designer of the Year for the 2nd year in a row.
things we like
mischer’traxler with perrier-jouët debut curiosity cloud at london design festival 2015
mischer'traxler with perrier-jouët debut curiosity cloud at london design festival 2015

aug 28, 2015
mischer’traxler with perrier-jouët debut curiosity cloud at london design festival 2015
following their collaboration on the ‘ephemerā kinetic table’ installation, mischer’traxler and perrier jouët team up again to present the ‘curiosity cloud’ during london design festival 2015.
housed within the V&A museum‘s norfolk house music room, the installation is comprised of a cluster of 250 mouth-blown illuminated glass globes created in partnership with renowned viennese crystal maker lobmeyr. within each vessel, a variety of species of hand fabricated insects flutter. as one moves closer towards the cloud of glistening light, the critters react by flying faster, tapping against the glass as they elevate their wings.
mischer'traxler london design festival designboom
‘curiosity cloud’ comprises 250 glass globes that each house handcrafted insects within
image © mischer’traxler
the ‘curiosity cloud’ continues the exploration of perrier-jouët’s proposed theme of ‘small discoveries’ which mischer’traxler addressed in their first commission for the champagne company. the immersive work aims to examine the transience of nature and the core principles and variety of expression associated with the art nouveau movement which are at the heart of perrier-jouët’s philosophy. it does so through its references of flora and fauna, and the use of handcraft processes through light and sound, creating a dialogue between nature and mankind.
mischer'traxler london design festival designboom
detail of one of the insects inside a glass globe
image © mischer’traxler
we are excited to have mischer’traxler create an installation for champagne perrier-jouët to be housed in the UK for the first time and we are looking forward to seeing how they will showcase the ethos of the house and reflect its art nouveau heritage,’ says axelle de buffévent, global style director for champagne perrier-jouët.
‘curiosity cloud’ marks the first presentation of mischer’traxler’s work in the UK.
mischer'traxler_curiousity cloud_designboom_001
the insects are set to react to viewers, fluttering faster as one approaches them
image © mischer’traxler
katharina mischer and thomas traxler on the concept behind the ‘curiosity cloud’
video courtesy of perrier-jouët
mischer'traxler_curiousity cloud_designboom_003
a look at the handmade insects that flutter within the glass globes
image © mischer’traxler
mischer'traxler_curiousity cloud_designboom_004
detail of the winged critters
image © mischer’traxler
mischer'traxler_curiousity cloud_designboom_005
each insect is labeled with their latin name and the primary locations where they can be found
image © mischer’traxler
mischer'traxler_curiousity cloud_designboom_006
live mock-up of ‘curiosity cloud’ using balloons to stand in for the glass globes
image © mischer’traxler
mischer'traxler_curiousity cloud_designboom_007
in the workshop
image © mischer’traxler
mischer'traxler_curiousity cloud_designboom_008
katharina mischer and thomas traxler wiring the insects
image © mischer’traxler
concept sketch of ‘curiosity cloud’ by mischer’traxler
image © mischer’traxler


Unyca: Must kitchen collection has been compiled with the desire to create unique and surpricing settings tailor made for the environement and the personality of those that live in them. This is why our materials, from laquering, to glass, leather and natural stone meet strict quality standards, whyle paying great attention to trends and tecnological innovation. The kitchen model Unyca is characterized by its ability to harmonize with the environements that surround; that is the choise of the hanging base units with sanded wood gold and silver finishing, all kind of laquers in glossy or matt finishing, and the leather make it integrate in each living or dining room. Also the choise of the shaped round leg in gold/silver leaf finishing create a chic atmosphere.