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Kitchen Design Academy-News Gazette # 42

Here at Academy, we endeavor to keep the relevance of our module up to date in order to connect learning with reality and for that reason, we update them constantly. We add more assignment tasks, more information, more challenges.  M1 to M6 will all have a drawing component, in order to better equip our students with skills for life.
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Michele Marcon
Interior designer / Asolo / Italy
Born in 1970, he attended a specialization in graphic art, then graduated first in art teacher and then a graphic designer at the School of Art M.Fanoli Citadel PD.
He attended specialization courses in industrial and interior design, working simultaneously with showrooms in the industry. Is aware of the study Lino Codato where designers will have a twenty-year collaboration, which has opened a 360-degree knowledge in all areas of furniture and interior architecture, thus strengthening their culture.
In 2008, he started his profession, continuing to offer innovative design ideas and harmonics that can meet the needs of the client and the client.
Tratto for Dibiesse
Rastelli was born in 2014 from an idea by Renzo Rastelli and aims to penetrate not only the Italian market but also internationally. The idea of ??internationalization encourages the company to immediately contact two of the best architects in the world: the Italian Ferruccio Laviani and Karim Rashid. The main objective is to create a product multifaceted and evolving to reflect on the one hand and on the other the Italian design may have the characteristics of broader scope. The search does not stop at what is the appearance but also deepens and especially the themes of eco and ergonomics. The company wants to have it among his trademarks that of the green and it is certified according to the strictest standards by obtaining the FSC and ISO 14001. Rastelli From the point of view of ergonomics is on the market as the company that offers the larger forms in quantitative and qualitative terms, having chosen as standard modules extra capacity both in height and depth and being able to count on size can meet American standards. There are three words that can then summarize the company's mission: design, quality, green. The daily goal of management is customer satisfaction.
"I follow a minimalist approach in my kitchen, preferring to create evocative clean surfaces interrupted by splashes of strong color.For the kitchen Kook I wanted to create an innovative design to convert the most demanding culinary challenges in the pure aesthetic pleasure. " The furniture open to give a wide view of what they can offer and then close when the meal is prepared making the kitchen minimalist and tidy. The shutters to reveal their internal LED illuminated shelves and an integrated hood above the cooktop. Using the Inclined moving, bulky accessories can be placed at the top while the smaller, more easily accessible, will be at the bottom making cooking a carefree time. The furniture with lower pressure opening are emphasized by colored LED strips and inclined to allow an easy approach to the work surface. Kook also has a sink that can be hidden under a cutting board finish to create a continuous surface. The use for the doors of Corian applied on an aluminum frame secretly gives birth to a union that combines technicality, durability and aesthetic minimalism.
"The kitchen is the heart of the home. With this thought in mind, I took what is often considered an archetype of the kitchen and I converted into an elegant shared experience. " The concept is pivoted on an island-shaped open pedestal. The curve tapered island invites friends and family to take place. Both the mixer and the LED light will retract into the worktop, creating a smooth surface. The simple addition of a multipurpose cutting board over the sink creates a solid space on which to dine. The soft curves continue on the unit to the wall. A rounded silhouette creates a space inside the cooking and preparation. The pane on the lighted mirror is surrounded by LED lights environment. The furniture fridge, oven and pantry are opening the throat. The use of glass for the doors in matt and glossy as well as the ceramic helps to make it even more exclusive model itself original and recognizable.
Royale is the answer key to the new dynamics of composition of everyday life: the contemporary rhythms along with the evolving needs of our times affect the environments where we live. Royale responds to the needs and rewrites the rules of the kitchen, making it a true place of conviviality, and not just "mobile". The space of the composition grows up to become an integrated part and parcel of living area. Royale is a true formula designed to cook and move around comfortably. The door of strong thickness of 28 mm is presented in a series of variants that transform the model system. It goes from laminated wood finish with matt and glossy brushed to get to the glass and the most valuable types of wood like ebony and oak Heat-treated.
Tiffany, design by Gianpiero Scopigno, is an interpretation of the classic style and cutting-edge shows its beauty with glossy and matt lacquered doors, the mica gloss and matt lacquered doors, the decorative motifs of the neoclassical inspiration, the precious gold and silver finishes, handles steel or gold polished, the back in black granite or white marble with veins Covelano gold or silver. Tiffany bride concepts of elegance and style embracing the formal and decorative only apparently in contrast and creating a play of light and reflections suited to a discerning public. The choice of composition runs between fifteen lacquered finishes and six finishes mica, with unexpected effects on quality of surface gloss. The options of decorations in silver and gold color dictate the choice of the other compositional elements such as frames and hooves. To embellish the collection we are finally finishing dew glasses and confetti in real gold leaf and marble and quartz new plans carefully selected. Choose Tiffany is choosing a timeless style that stands over the trends of the moment. Choose Tiffany is to make the kitchen a place of great scenic emotional impact.

Turning Stove To Dinner Table And Around

ENYO is an innovative appliance that brings cooking back to the table. Designed aesthetically with furniture cues, the cook-top fits into a living or dining room, like a glove. The module consists of a freestanding table plus a ceiling element that supports both a timed self-cooking mode as well as a social cooking situation. There is a flexible cooking mat placed centrally and with the help of the projector in the ceiling, you can project and an interactive cooking experience.
The essence is to get everyone involved in the cooking process. Anything that brings in more helping hands! For sure, this broth won’t spoil due to too many cooks!
ENYO is a 2014 Electrolux Design Lab Top 100 entry. You can vote for this or any other entry here.
Designer: Aaron Wansch
 Celebrating 80 years of laminex
Laminex® celebrates 80 years of trendsetting  
Not many octogenarians can claim to have been at the forefront of fashion trends their whole life. The same cannot be said for Laminex® – a name synonymous with decorative surfaces and an undisputed design leader in the building industry.
Laminex started out 80 years ago as the creator of laminated resin timing-gears for car engines, literally operating out of a ‘tin shed’ in Melbourne.
Since then, Laminex has continually evolved to offer an expansive array of decorative surface solutions across both residential and commercial applications. Today, Laminex is widely regarded as one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading manufacturers and distributors of building materials.
Laminex Australia General Manager – Marketing, George Bej, said for the past eight decades, Laminex has maintained its market and customer relevance through innovation, product development and a customer-centric strategy.
“Laminex originally created and developed in Australia by Robert M Sykes, fast became a household name and today remains one of Australia’s most highly recognised brands.”
In the 50s, 60s and 70s, Laminex led the market with stylish, attractive and resilient surfaces, developed and manufactured in Australia. At the time, the only alternatives available were products such as oil cloth, paint or vinyl, and Laminex had superior decorative qualities and performance properties to all of these.
According to George, 80 years on, Laminex continues to be recognised by its peers as the pre-eminent design leader in decorative surfaces for both the domestic and commercial markets.
“You can literally use our functional and design-leading products in any room of the house, as well as through myriad architectural projects.
“We’ve stayed at the forefront of design by investing significantly in understanding global and domestic trends in fashion, decors, finishes and material technologies, all of which, have underpinned our decades of market leadership.
“Today marks a milestone for the Laminex business model, which has survived wars, technological upheaval, economic cycles and globalisation. As we celebrate 80 years, our focus remains on providing our customers with innovative products that are useful, inspiring and forward-thinking. We’re committed to fostering business partnerships and an environment where our employees and customers are valued and empowered to achieve their goals,” George said.
Laminex’s comprehensive product portfolio includes cabinetry, splashbacks and wall panelling solutions.
The Laminex group brands:
  • Formica®

    Create looks that work with Formica’s simple range of popular colours and an integrated selection of benchtops, doors, panels, wardrobes and commercial furniture. Formica products are backed by a 7 year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

  • Laminex®

    Inspire your space with Australia’s leading brand of decorative surfaces. Innovative kitchen, bathroom and interior solutions are available in an evolving range of styles, tones and textures, and with limited warranties starting at 7 years.

  • essastone

    For the ultimate in sophistication, look no further than essastone. Comprising up to 95% natural quartz, essastone offers a sophisticated selection of designs. Offering an exceptional 15 year limited warranty, it’s the first choice for engineered stone.

  • designer3D

    designer3D is an online tool that lets you create a virtual 3D kitchen. Search the online catalogue for cabinets, doors, benchtops and splashbacks. Place these in your virtual kitchen and create different colour schemes, then save, print or email your design.

  • TradeEssentials®

    The largest range of essential wood panel products and accessories in Australia developed specially for Trade. This range is not only high in quality and durable, but also competitively priced, and made and sold locally.

  • Cullity'sTradeOne

    Whether you’re building furniture or flooring, you can look to our specialised timber division and associated hardware ranges in WA. Plus, enjoy the convenience of our drive through, trade counter, estimating and technical service.
In Auckland, New Zealand, architect Michael O’Sullivan and his partner Melissa Schollum braved a miniscule budget, withering looks from friends, and nasty nail-gun injuries to design and build their perfectly proportioned family home.
The reflectivity of the brass kitchen island makes it seem to dematerialize. Photo by Patrick Reynolds.
 Too much wood? No? Yes?

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Kitchen Design Academy-News Gazette # 41

"Emotional control is essential in any important negotiation process. Emotional control begins by understanding our own personal strengths and weaknesses, then building on those strengths while minimizing weaknesses. The benefit of emotional control through self understanding is the ability to maintain the emotional distance necessary to be effective. Emotional control may necessitate emotional distance to neutralize the situation and avoid undermining comments from the client."
Fragment from Module 4-The Client
Never too late to enroll:
 Ferruccio Laviani
Ferruccio Laviani
Discretion is his lifestyle. His language is very contemporary and personal, often recognizable by a sign or a particular color.Maybe mixed with a detail of the past. It is on the scene since the early '90s, a period that coincides with the international success of Memphis.
It is the emergence of a new generation of designers are characterized by a sophisticated and original creativity. Architect and designer, after his studies in Milan enter the profession by working with the De Lucchi studio, where he became a partner, designing for companies such as Mandarina Duck, Olivetti, Swatch. Since 1992 he is active in different creative sectors: industrial communication from the corporate identity.
His approach to the product is global: from graphic design, to packaging, to the care of the image. Draw for prestigious Italian and international brands like Foscarini, Emmemobili, T70, Halifax, Kartell, Mixel, FontanaArte, De Padova, Flos, Molteni & C, Moroso, Swarowski. For many years he has studied the concept of the flagship. It deals with interior design for fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana. Designed to Rastelli concept Beluga.
Our company states, "The most beautiful thing when you're trying to motivate a company about your choices is to realize that they have already been included and realize that you are dealing with those who first supports you to have made them, and began to ask more and more and you are at the point where you're having to put the brakes on. "
Beluga for Rastelli, Italy
mk originates from a totally Italian production reality, in which handcraft experience, technological innovation and design have interacted for forty years, in the continuous search of excellence. The constant orientation to quality and detail have progressively given life to a company that is able to combine the construction knowledge of the traditional woodwork with the innovation and the research proper of the contemporary industry. The handcraft roots, together with a modern industrial structure, extremely flexible and efficent, allow mk to realise kitchens and living spaces in which the quality and the customisation level of the product are very high. The use of hand-worked natural materials and a totally internal production, for each single kitchen, generate therefore the exclusivity of the unique item and of the high quality that is expressed through a rigorous, innovative yet timeless design.
mk 045
The pure core of 045 is defined by the materiality and naturality of the elements which outline its external features and by the formal rigour of the building technology and of the design. The use of the materials in their coherent identity and characterisation and the manufacturing of doors and tops, which create precise and rigorous skewed profiles, give life to clear volumes in which the emotional perception of the kitchen is strongly characteristic. The kitchen thus becomes an exclusive and important element inside the living space, characterising it in a balanced but visually and qualitatively important way.
mk 04
04, with a decided and rational look, interprets the theme of the kitchen with an extremely clear and concrete characterisation. As the result of specific handmade manufacturings, the very thick doors integrate the hold system in their frame, eliminating handles and profiles. The apparent visual simplicity and the rigour of the forms hide inside themselves the quality of the handmade manufacturings, which lend importance to the kitchen and determine its added value in time. The customisation possibilities and the tayloring of 04 allow the creation of unique projects of unmistakable quality.
mk 030
A high qualitative level, hidden by an extreme formal cleanliness, is the main feature of 030, in which the essentiality of the kitchen volumes originates from a refined attention towards quality. The great thickness of the doors and the infinite possibilities of combinations between finishes and materials make 030 a model of very high added value and at the same time extremely flexible and customisable inside the house. The kitchen becomes, therefore, an architectural element perfectly integrated in the environment where it is placed, from which it derives its specific aesthetic features.
mk 012
The extreme formal cleanliness of 012 derives from the technology, the precision and the building quality that constitute its main features. Visually thin, but at the same time stable and resistant, doors draw rigorous and light profiles. The technology of the alveolar aluminium internal structure of the doors blends with the craftmanship of the hand manufacturing necessary to realise their external finish, that are extremely customisable. Function, quality, technique are hidden by the material that dresses the visible volumes of the kitchen.


Jeabyun Yeon

Product Design, Samsung Art and Design Institute, Republic Of Korea
Hi, my name is Jeabyun Yeon.
I was born in Korea and I am at Samsung Art and Design Institute.I am interested in the nature & analog gadgets.
Nature gives me wisdom and interesting solution naturally. And analog emotion provide me directions for our future life.
So I think, our urban life-style is will be changed like a nature.
Enjoy the design, thank you.
Breathing Wall - Stage - Concept Development
Those of us living in modern times become stressed easily and we tend to generally accept its threat. However, these stresses become the cause of various psychological illnesses that at times lead to physical illnesses. That’s why people that take preventive measures against stress seek to heal their minds and bodies through yoga, exercise, meditation, etc. Based on this fact, the type of environment needed to heal one’s body and mind was examined.
When we go see a doctor to heal illness of the mind, doctors often use retrospection through colors, pictures and conversations to check and access our psychological state. Based on this context, these things were incorporated in the Breathing Wall.
Breathing Wall - Stage - Visual Development
Breathing Wall - Stage - Visual Development
Breathing Wall - Stage - Visual Development
In specific, the focus of the Breathing Wall was placed on indoor air, namely, indoor atmosphere. People can exercise efficiently and take high-quality rests by recollecting their good memories through the changes in the indoor atmosphere. For example, let’s suppose that you want to take a rest by thinking back upon your happy memory. When you enter the information of that situation into the Breathing Wall, it turns the indoor atmosphere into the air environment of that time while the wall displays movements such as breathing of fish to allow the user to feel that happy moment through five senses.
To me, ‘natural air’ is the most comfortable environment for people. It’s because they can brace themselves and prepared for a bright new day tomorrow as they breathe through their familiar or desired temperature, humidity, smell and illumination.

kitchen by Wolf Architects

Architect : Taras Wolf AIA, Wolf Architects (Chadstone, Vic)
Builder : David Toebelmann, Toebelmann Constructions
Kitchen manufacturer : Morcraft Kitchens

Story by Colleen Hawkes
Photography by Andrew Ashton
An architect's own home is a window on design for the 21st century – visually it may well be a conversation piece, but it can also demonstrate true functionality.
There are many innovative ideas in this kitchen designed by owner-architect Taras Wolf of Wolf Architects. But at the heart of everything is a simplicity and purity of form that ensures the kitchen merges seamlessly with the rest of the open-plan interior.
"Because of its position, the kitchen is like a watch tower for the whole house," the architect says. "When I am polishing my classic cars in the dedicated office-display area at the opposite end of the living space, I can still talk to my wife in the kitchen. This connection was an important aspect of the design."
Wolf specified a mix of white lacquer and walnut veneer cabinets. The doors and drawers all have recessed pulls, and the ventilation is concealed to provide flush, streamlined surfaces in keeping with the architecture.
But it is the island-style peninsula that creates the kitchen‘s real centrepiece.
"Caesarstone tops were chosen for durability, with an extra-large benchtop on the peninsula," says Wolf. "This has a long sharknose profile that extends back 100mm, rather than the standard 40mm. The bevelled edge gives the top the look of a large serving platter, and it is often used for just this purpose."
The sharknose profile also gives the benchtop a sculptural quality – it is a floating plane that enhances the sleek lines of the kitchen. On a practical level, it is ideal for socialising, providing a large counter for people to sit around.
Kitchen 2B sm
Wolf says he allowed extra depth on the benchtop in front of the sink, so plates can be placed there if required. A lowered bench at one end of the peninsula comprises glass over a coloured panel that can be changed should the family want a different colour accent.
Additional bench space on the perimeter cabinets flows through to the outdoor kitchen, making it easy for food to be passed through.
"Our family has an Asian heritage, and we like to do a lot of our cooking outdoors," says Wolf. "It feels as though we are in the tropics, albeit with an East meets West theme."
Other key features of the kitchen include open shelving lined with walnut, which makes a dramatic contrast to the white cabinets.
kitchen 10 with family sm

storage sm
There is also a butler‘s pantry, and an appliance garage with a tambour door. For ease of use, this can be accessed both from the kitchen and butler‘s pantry.
Wolf provided rubbish and recycling bins in the cabinetry – these can be emptied from outside the house.
Because the owners follow the Asian custom of removing their shoes indoors, Wolf specified tactile floor surfaces. The living area features wood floorboards while the kitchen has a polished concrete floor.
With its large openings to the outdoors, the kitchen also plays a role in ventilating the house – passive design ensures it is cool in summer and warm in winter.
About us
We are an importer and distributor of specialty hardware and complementary products
An agent for change in a dynamic and creative industry.
Our customers – More than 70,000 customers in North America : kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturers, kitchen dealers, residential and commercial woodworkers, home furnishing manufacturers, office and ready-to-assemble furniture manufacturers, renovation superstore chains, and purchasing groups with more than 6,000 hardware retailers.
 Our team – Nearly 1,700 people, close to half of whom focus on sales and marketing, and almost 65% of whom are Richelieu shareholders.
A North American leader
Our product – some 100,000 products (SKUs) in a wide variety of categories including: kitchen accessories, lighting systems, finishing and decorating products, functional hardware, ergonomic workstations, closet and kitchen storage solutions, sliding doors systems, decorative and functional panels, high-pressure laminates. This offering is complemented by the specialty items manufactured by two of our subsidiaries, Cedan Industries Inc. and Menuiserie des Pins Ltd. These include a broad range of veneer sheets and edge banding products, a variety of decorative mouldings and components for the window and door industry. In addition, some of our products are manufactured in Asia according to our specifications and those of our customers. More than 60% of our overall offering is sold under our brands. 
Our network – 62 centres across North America including two manufacturing plants. Our wide array of products, our “one-stop shop” service approach, our logistical efficiency and the numerous advantages of the transactional website richelieu.comtranslate in to an optimal response rate for our customers.
At the forefront of e-commerce – We maintain a network of value-added transactional websites targeting customers in multiple markets: and
A kitchen that has what everyone wants: plenty of storage!
Plenty of storage here too! What a shame that the plates are still round!