Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Colour schemes in the kitchen’s modern history -1980

Nineteen eighties brought a strange blue into the picture, and I can’t say it was because of an overly creative spirit of the era or just plain confusion. Kitchens were starting to be viewed more as social rooms where friends and family could socialize; as a result, their size started to increase. Laminated, dark cabinets came into fashion as did various colour Formica countertops mimicking dark granite or marble. The psychedelic look from the 1970s was replaced with a more conservative ambiance, filled with solid woods in warm and cold hues. The layout of 1980’s kitchens was often poor because of lack of design experience, and lighting was often dim and dark. You may see, in older showrooms of today, dark grey laminate kitchens with even darker benchtops (Louise 2011).
Fragment from the book: "Kitchen Designer-Your Dream Job" by Valentin Tinc

Photo courtesy Smith and Smith Cabinet Makers, Melbourne

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