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Kitchen Design Academy-News Gazette # 52

The complex challenge launched by Environment Food at the number 200 was shared by contractors, designers, managers, architects, membersologi and communication experts called to express their opinions on topics 7 , for a total of 35 thoughts to think and plan the kitchen of the future. We talk about excellence, simplicity, sustainability, taste, distribution and communication.
 In this newsletter: 6. NEW QUALITY OF COMMUNICATION

Designing the future of the kitchen: The new quality of communication

The world of furniture and design compares with the epochal changes of the media
Designing the future of the kitchen: The new quality of communication
 As he understood the world of furniture and design the epochal changes of the media that will form one of the carriers of the future?   Surely the ' access - excess of information on the web and the spread of social networks have stimulated various modes and defined new languages, but also highlighted the need for renewed and not obvious competence and values ??from the user-consumers.
Roles, perspectives and skills compared, in  a video interview *:
Paul Bolpet , web strategist eFlux - cross-media Group (click on the name to watch the video)
 Norbert Wangen
Norbert Wangen
Industrial designerPrüm / Germany
Born in Prüm, Germany, in 1962. He graduated in Architecture at the Munich Technical University. In 1995 he took part in various trade fairs in Munich and New York with a patented product: the folding armchair Attila which became part of the Neue Sammlung in Munich and the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein.
k20 for Boffi
The k20 maintains the continuity of the Norbert Wangen collection. It retains the k14 kitchen’s modular units whilst introducing new materials for the worktops and the doors.
The result is a product that has a more rigorous aesthetic: the finish on the doors wraps around the side panels, creating a design that appears more compact. The back-splash is equipped with shelf and integrated light.
A fully concealed electronic down-draft hood is positioned in the back. It’s equipped with containers integrated in the back-splash thickness, with doors that can be opened and sockets for small electrical appliances.
Linear Corian® kitchen K20 - Boffi
It 'a long history that craft wooden Tuscan. A documented history of many small important objects beginning from the handles of agricultural tools, up to the basic furniture such as table, chairs, a cupboard and large cupboard.
Gradually, upon the lessons that have accumulated over the centuries, crafts and evolves beyond simple rustic furniture, allocated to a popular clientele, space is also an artisan-style furniture, allocated to customers at a higher level.
In Tuscany and almost everywhere it consolidates the message that the craft is and wants to remain tied to tradition, the environment, the community, but at the same time does not neglect the continuous search for materials and technological solutions. We can therefore say that these are the secret weapons of those who have been able to improve their job of adapting to the changes that have occurred under the pressure of science and technology.
Tradition meets technology in order to offer a high quality product without sacrificing the warmth of a sophisticated and welcoming.

Modern design

Compositional freedom, a wide range of accessories, design balanced, wise color combinations together with the use of advanced materials, permit the construction of kitchens innovative, young, creative and harmonious without sacrificing elegance.
Vivacity and freshness is perfectly combine the aesthetic and characterize our modern line.
Creative and trendy, not to mention functionality. CITY is dedicated to those who prefer a rigorous and cutting-edge decor, marking the spaces with traces of innate good taste. City interprets the new perspective of the kitchen that expands into the living room where space becomes a bedsit with the same taste, but with different colors.
SYNTESI is a design aesthetic extremely essential, characterized by large dimensions and large volumes, addressed to an audience looking for a kitchen of minimalist-contemporary style but at the same time rich in content.
The sober and elegant handle groove is formed directly in the door thickness of 22 mm.
Dedicated to those who love the basic shapes, clean design, rigorous and especially for those who love feel good in the kitchen.
TECHNICA is the kitchen that expresses freedom of expression.
A contemporary design that through careful research aims at maximum aesthetic and functional harmony between modernity and practicality. Dedicated to those who love the trendy decor.

Our classic lines

Our classic kitchens express the true strength of the solid wood of chestnut. Sleek lines, warm colors and bright in a variety of finishes, the presence of so many useful accessories; kitchens which is at a rich history, made up of many aesthetic and functional values.
Harmony of lines, creativity, color, branding elements with new design. 
Thus was born DAISY , a traditional country flavor. 
Margherita is available in four colors. The Walnut color is well suited to a traditional public taste, linked to the old times; Salmon color suitable for those who prefer the warmth of wood without sacrificing brightness; the colors Green and White for those who prefer a decor taste purely country.

The Outdoor Kitchen

N1 Kitchen System is intended for the outdoors but can be fitted into a compact home. The whole unit just shuts-shop and fits into a storage container for easy transportation. The kitchen features the three basic elements – the sink and prep area, the storage unit and the stove system; keeping it really simple and bare.
  • Designed within the kitchen’s prep area is a self-proportioning cutting board that visually divides the board’s surface, up to 6 times, and weighs each division for equal portions.
  • Inspired by x-rays, the storage system uses smart glass to visually reveal food quantities.
  • As food is consumed the surface’s opacity changes.
  • The stove system gets rid of knobs that may break in the outdoors and uses the turning of the stove’s pot to change the temperature.
  • As the pot turns and aligns with the different stove’s burners, it changes the temperature from boiling water to low, medium and high.
  • The stove’s burner has a groove, which the pot turns in to avoid being knocked around in the outdoors and to maintain efficiency.
Designers: Kyle Thacker, Sarah Fung, Maxine Kim, Paul Methot, Xavier Yee & Jesse Kim

White kitchen transformation
Brilliant SA have given this home a beautiful makeover, converting a drab kitchen into a modern Hampton-style makeover with chic country appeal.
Designer: Alex Norman for Brilliant SA
Callaghan 001
“These homeowners had been living with the dark timber of their late-1970s kitchen for far too long. They were ready for something completely different so we gave the kitchen a modern Hampton-style makeover with chic country appeal.
Callaghan 002
The design enhances the California bungalow home and is a huge improvement on the old extension. Our refurbishment includes a new buffet unit, new doors and windows and a new blackbutt timber floor.
Callaghan 005
The sink is in the same location but we reconfigured the layout to make the Westinghouse cooker, with overhead display cupboards and mantle, the centrepiece of the kitchen.
Callaghan 011
We incorporated a tall pull-out pantry, storage for small appliances and extended the bench into the dining area to create a peninsula island. The increased storage and workspace makes for a more interactive kitchen than the old U-shaped one and is perfect for when the owners’ adult children come to visit.”
- See more at:

Awesome Clay Refrigerator Requires Zero Energy to Keep Food Cool

An Indian entrepreneur has created a refrigerator made entirely from clay that keeps food cool without using any electricity. Mansukhbhai Raghavbhai Prajapati, a Gujarat-based potter, makes his natural MittiCool refrigerator to provide an alternative for people in rural areas who can’t afford conventional refrigerators.
MittiCool refrigerator, clay refrigerator, green appliances, zero-energy fridge, green technology, affordable appliances, clay appliances, low-cost design, Indian entrepreneur, alternative home appliances
The MittiCool fridge uses the natural cooling effect of water evaporation to keep vegetables fresh for up to a week and store milk for three days before it spoils. Water from the upper chambers drips down the side of the clay fridge and takes away heat as it evaporates, leaving the chambers cool. The water is stored in the upper chamber and can be used for drinking via a small faucet tap on the front lower end of the chamber. Two shelves in the lower chamber are used for storing food-the first is used for vegetables and fruits, while the second shelf can be used for storing milk.

ACROPOLIS - ACROPOLIS. Pininfarina Design.

Snaidero and Pininfarina continue their partnership and rise to a new challenge with the Acropolis. Surpassing the status quo, it spearheads the future in kitchen design. Circularity as a symbol of continuity is the starting point..
The design points strongly towards the future and the evolution of new consumer lifestyles. The choice of materials, such as steel and aluminium, and the incorporation of suspended elements, made possible by special manufacturing processes used in honeycomb panels, explains why Snaidero always stays ahead of the competition.
 Project by Yaroslav Galant, designer
The concept interprets recognizable dynamic forms and elements of cult Buick models of the 1950s, such as Super Estate, Woody Wagon, Super Eight, Roadmaster Convertible, Super Deluxe Convertible, Roadmaster, Limited Riviera.

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