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Kitchen Design Academy-News Gazette #8


 From the school

Every month few students receive a massive fee reduction. Send your inquiry to see if you are eligible. Next month enrollments now open, course starts 2nd of September.

Here is a statement from one of our students:

"I am very happy with how the course has gone and feel a lot more confident to continue and progress in my current job. I feel my drawings have really improved and have a much better understanding of how to read other drawings. Valentin has been very supportive throughout the course. Thank you very much !"

Candice, Perth-Australia

International Bits and Pieces


Designer profile: Joe Colombo

30 July 1930 – 30 July 1971

In spite of his too short career as designer, Joe Colombo left many proofs, still topical, of his creativity.
After experiences in various art's fields,from informal painting to furnishings, since 1963 he devotes himself to the industrial design for a mass-production; many of those objects, assembled in different ways, look as true systems.

By experimenting new materials and using most advanced technologies, he creates a kind of "machines for living", habitat of the future:
multi-function mobile units, like "VISIONA 1","TOTAL FURNISHING", "ROTO-LIVING", "CABRIOLET-BED" and "MINI-KITCHEN"(built by Boffi).

He has been awarded in many prizes and quoted in selections, i.e.: In-Arch award for a Hotel's fitting-out ; at the XIII Triennale, one gold medal for the "ACRILICA" lamp and two silver medals for "COMBI-CENTER" and "MINI-KITCHEN" respectively; the "COMPASSO D'ORO" for the "SPIDER" lamp and the air-conditioner "CANDYZIONATORE"; the International Design award for the "COUPE" and "SPRING"lamps; the Tecnhotel Award for the "UNIVERSALE" chair and the S.M.A.U.award for the "BOBY" trolley.

Many of his works have been exhibited and included in the most important Museums's collections all over the world.



Company profile:

Boffi Italy

In 1934 Piero Boffi leaves Caproni and founds his own craftsman-led company. The rest is history.

In the world of contemporary interiors, Boffi's name is synonymous with innovation and excellence in kitchens and bathrooms.Boffi has always expressed a communication approach which is outside of the norm. its marketing strategy is based on a reserved number of important special events, always in correspondence with major design events, as a means of presenting its own product line as also a way of consolidating a culture towards Design. Boffi stands out for a combination of modern production processes and artisan tradition; the latter allows the company to maintain its roots through the use of techniques enhancing the product quality.

design Piero Lissoni / CRS Boffi // Available in Aluminium /white Corian® / Wood / Ecowood / Thermo-treated wood /Mat Plus / Polyester / Silcover


This week product

Zero-Energy Bio Refrigerator Cools Your Food With Future Gel

In a valiant effort to rethink the ubiquitous refrigerator — which has seen few design changes since the invention of freon refrigerators in the 1930′s — Russian designer Yuriy Dmitriev has unveiled a fresh-looking, gel-filled appliance of the future. His Bio Robot Refrigerator utilizes a special gel-like substance that suspends and cools food once inserted. Dmitriev’s design is one of 25 finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab competition, which challenged entrants with the task of redesigning modern appliances for the future.

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zero energy refrigerator, bio robot refrigerator, electrolux design lab competition, electrolux design lab, green design competition, appliances of the future, no energy appliances, low energy appliances, energy efficient appliances

The Bio Robot Refrigerator mounts on a wall — Dmitriev points out it can be mounted horizontally, vertically or even on the ceiling. The fridge does not have a motor or other traditional technology like most refrigerators, — the gel does all the work — so, 90% of the appliance is actual usable space. To use the fridge you basically shove food into it’s biopolymer gel — which has no odor and is not sticky — and it is suspended and cooled until you need it again.

Read more: Zero-Energy Bio Refrigerator Cools Your Food With Future Gel | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building


From Australia and New Zealand

We started recently the publication of top 30 Australian Kitchen , as announced by Trends Magazine, in no particular order. Here is #5


Kitchen designer : Natalie Du Bois NKBA, Du Bois Design (Auckland)
Cabinetry : Custom, two-pot satin lacquer finish

An island and rangehood create a stand-out feature in this kitchen remodel. The design of the island and custom hood maximises impact without obscuring sightlines.

Traditional panelling introduced on the wall cabinetry is continued on the island. A custom mesh finish creates a point of interest on the island and also features elsewhere in the design. 

The wall of panelling includes a pull-out pantry set between the combi oven and refrigerator and an above-counter pantry to the right 

A cabinet displays glasses in handy proximity to the refrigerator. The shelving is finished with LED lights that shine through the mesh-and-glass door when it is closed 


Co-ordinating the kitchen and laundry cabinetry integrates the look and makes for a more spacious feel. Du Bois chose a deep laundry sink in the same tone as the benchtops so it would be less readily apparent 

Story by Charles Moxham
Photography by Jamie Cobeldick - See more at:                                                  

      From the industry



Häfele is an internationally established family firm based in Nagold in Germany. Founded in 1923, the company serves the furniture industry, architects and planners, joinery and related trades with furniture fittings and architectural hardware as well as electronic locking systems.
Sensomatic Drawer System

In the 2011 financial year the Häfele group had a turnover of 945 million Euros with 37 subsidiaries in 6 continents. The turnover share abroad was 75%. 5,700 dedicated employees increased the company’s revenue by 8,6% compared to previous year.
Sensomatic Drawer System

Häfele Australia was established in 1982 and has now grown to include an office and showroom in every capital city throughout Australia. Häfele is one of the worlds largest producers and suppliers of Superior fittings for furniture, cabinets, drawers, organisation solutions, folding and sliding doors, aluminium framed doors, lighting, Soft-closing systems and decorative hardware to the Trade, retail and DIY sectors.


Definitely Yes!

For uninhibited use of materials and textures, for edgy juxtaposition of farmers/workshop/DIY island and sleek minimalistic cabinetry at the back!

Photo: Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island Featuring Modern Pit!



Eclectic is the best way to describe the funky mix of materials, patterns and colours in this London conversion. Is it a look you go for?

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