Monday, July 9, 2012


design Marc Sadler
"Announcing the arrival of Carré, design by Marc Sadler
“If I had to describe Carré in a single word, I would choose multifaceted, the best adjective for explaining its polyhedral character.” 
Eclectic, versatile, elegant. Carré makes breadth of assortment the key to its strength. A project able to create compositional layouts ranging from the total live-in to the semi country. At the stylistic state of the art, capable of combining a wide variety of colour and material options and creating strikingly diverse room designs. Another distinctive feature of Carré is the handle, transformed into an elegant groove in the door which can be created in no less than 230,000 shapes, sizes and colours."
As usual, the intense Italian design research doubled by great talent and experience, solved the intricate issue of blending the kitchen into the rest of the house, in a seamless way.

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