Friday, June 15, 2012

Italian design month-A kitchen a day!

Modular Kitchen From MK Cucine ‘Size Program’ is a harmonious combination of wood, stainless steel and glossy panels of black and white.

Mk comes from a production in which the experience totally Italian craftsmanship, technological innovation and design dialogue for forty years continuously striving for excellence .. The constant focus on quality and detail have gradually given rise to a ' company capable of combining constructive knowledge of carpentry craftsmanship with innovation and research of contemporary industry. An artisan matrix together with a modern industrial park, extremely flexible and efficient, allowing for mk to realize kitchens and living spaces in which the quality and level of customization of the product are high. The use of natural materials and a manual production entirely internal to single kitchen, then generate the exclusivity of unique and high quality design that expresses itself through a rigorous, innovative and

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